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Save your costs with SafetyBox

  • SafetyBox reduces your costs by at least 20% per every workplace including reduction of theft and loss risk.
  • Consumption monitoring leads to increase in responsibility in PPE usage by the employees
  • You are now able to limit the access to the items and apply settings according to the type of work activity
  • Identify the departments with a high rate of consumption
  • You will be able to use PPE of higher quality and durability
  • Lower the costs of stocktaking and storage
  • Place the vending machine directly into the plant to shorten the time necessary for transport into the warehouse and waiting time.
  • PPE available 24/7
  • Get a more precise and specific understanding of your costs
  • Lower the risk of storing obsolete equipment
  • Set a notification to fill the vending machine up in the optimal time to avoid running out of stock

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