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Unique Benefits SafetyBox

  • Easy to Use
    • Your employee simply puts his/hers employee ID to the scanner and SafetyBox issues him/her the desired PPE item. A great advantage of SafetyBox is its compatibility with all types of employee IDs.
  • A Large Selection of PPE in a Single Place
    • Stock SafetyBox with everything your employees need. It is purely up to you and the needs of your company. Your employees will thus have what they need at the moment and will stay protected.
  • Easy refilling and quick maintenance
    • Maintaining and refilling SafetyBox is very simple. All you need to do is to open the front panel and SafetyBox is full again within a couple of minutes. This also provides you with the access to the motor and the scanners.
  • Employees and Consumption Monitoring
    • Get the protective equipment consumption fully under your control! SafetyBox enables you to set the number of items per employee as well as authorized sizes. Thanks to the stock system you can monitor and analyse the consumption. SafetyBox always dispenses the correct size and quantity you have assigned to your employee.
  • Just One Click
    • The software notifies you about low stock. Notifications may be sent directly to your supplier or your intern department. SafetyBox shows you the status of your stock in actual time: Backup Amount, Financial Value and Amount to Refill.
  • Amount of Savings 
    • Our studies on application of SafeBox in praxis have up to now shown savings up to 40% in the first months of operation. However, the average long-term consumption decreases by at least 20 to 25%.

Items Options

The only limitation for SafetyBox is the physical size and weight of individual items.

Ideal items are: gloves, respirators, earmuffs, goggles, drugstore goods and sanitary equipment, T-shirts, filters and work tools.

When having chosen the right type of vending machine, the range of goods can be extended to shoes, helmets, shields, clothing and other items.

Usage Possibilities

SafetyBox is suitable for every plant that aims to create a system of fully transparent assignment and monitoring of consumption of indirect material per every single employee.

Choose the right type of SafetyBox to let your company start using its resources more effectively!


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